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Grażyna Stachowicz, the author of Waiting for Armageddon, did not plan to write a book, but during the 30 years of belonging to Jehovah’s Witnesses, she noticed that media tend to present this religious group in very extreme way. It was for this reason that she decided to write a book: to show that all people, regardless of religion, are the same, with similar dilemmas, problems and characters. So it is a story about people, not about religion.

The action takes place in the near future, when all religions are banned and the current social-political system collapses. A group of Jehovah’s Witnesses flee to a forest village, where they try, under difficult conditions, to survive the time left to the apparently imminent Armageddon. Unfortunately, the end of the world is not coming. What makes matters worse, their problems build up. The inhabitants of the settlement slowly reveal their true faces – some good, some bad. Still, they all undergo a spiritual and moral transformation.

Privately, the author of the book is a wife, mother of two and a grandmother. She is passionate about breeding purebred dogs (FCI).
Since 2006, she has been living with her family on „Green Island” – Ireland.


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